A. E. Reads: Mind of my Mind [Book Review]

Mind of my Mind was written by Octavia Butler and published in 1977. It is the sequel to Wild Seed and the second novel in the Patternist series. I loved Wild Seed and I also loved Mind of my Mind.

Mind of my Mind is so much about freedom and emancipation. Without getting into spoilers, the characters who so far in the series have been enslaved for so long in this book get to break free from their chains. We also get a pay off or the climax to an amazing set up that was great to read and experience.

What happens when the one thing you’ve been wanting for so long ends up causing your own destruction?

Can you imagine being targeted for becoming exactly what you were created for?

As a world-builder myself, I found Mind of my Mind’s world-building excellent and tons of fun. The idea of telepaths so strong that they can “program” humans, called “mutes” for ordinary people, and turn them into docile content slaves was very interesting and exciting.

It brings about the myth of the “happy slave,” right? Rather than cruelly oppressing and torturing slaves into obedience through fear and dominance, these telepaths can control humans or mutes to the extent they don’t even have thoughts about “escape” or “freedom” because those aren’t concepts. They are literally programmed to be happy and obey without question or doubt.

Scary to imagine as reality but interesting to ponder as fiction. But that’s what fiction is about, isn’t it?

Imagination, exploration, introspection.

The what if. What if this happened? Letting our minds break free from our world and go somewhere else.

Books like this are a great reminder of the importance of sci-fi and fantasy. It lets us think about possible futures and different ways of examining the world we live in.

Mind of my Mind really lets a reader sit back and enjoy thinking about alternate futures. I loved this book so much. I wanted to reread it as soon as I finished it. The ending was so satisfying.

So in conclusion I definitely recommend this book. Have you read this book, or thinking about reading it? Do it! You won’t be disappointed, I certainly wasn’t.

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