Nothing About Writing : Easier to be Evil

This is my very first Nothing About Writing post, which is a post where I talk about something that honestly…is basically off-topic. My blog is about writing, writing life, publishing, being an author, things like that.

Nothing About Writing is a post that has…nothing to do with writing. Sometimes a thought takes hold in my mind and I have to talk about it. And this time I wanted to share it, rather than keep it on my personal journal.

So today’s off-topic subject, a post that is nothing about writing is the subject “Its Easier to be Evil.”

And that is a solid fact that I can’t stop thinking about it. It is simply easier to be evil as a human being, and its much harder to be a good human being. Of course, the idea of “good vs. evil” is way too black and white, and life is strictly grey.

However I’m honestly talking about the nature of human beings.

Our potential for “good” is outstanding, and I think that far outweighs how “evil” human beings can be. However its hard to be good, and easy to be evil.

Explanation time.

Is it easier to blow up a building, vs. brick by brick build a structurally sound building?

Is it easier to smash a window with a brick, vs. creating and installing a window?

Those are both about physical things.

What about this?

Is it easier to stab someone to death with a knife, or is it easier to heal someone back from a what could have been a fatal stab wound?

So is it easier to be a murderer or easier to be a doctor?

All of those have the same answer. It is much easier to blow up a building, then build one. It’s easier to smash a window, then to create and install one. It’s easier to stab someone, then it’s easier to heal someone. It’s easier to kill and much, much harder to learn, study, train and become able to heal.  

Whether what I mentioned above are “good vs. evil” isn’t what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about how easy it is to destroy, vs. how hard it is to fix or build or create, and the fact that if human beings would only decide to create and build, rather than constantly event new ways to kill and destroy…no wonder God drowned the entire world.

As humans, we are so filled to the MAX with potential. And everyone chooses how to use their potential every single day. One human chooses to use their potential to study law, become a judge, and seek out justice. Another human decides to buy an automatic machine gun, and mow down as many people in a public area as possible.

Yes, I’ll say becoming a judge is “good” and murdering people is “evil.” And I’ll also say the mass murder is a lot easier than to go to law school.

I really think that’s why evil is so rampant in the world.

It’s easy.

Isn’t it easier to shoplift than to pay for what you want? If you shoplift, you expend zero effort to pluck something off the shelf, hide it under your shirt and run out. But to pay for what you want? Well…you’d need a job. To have that job, you’ll probably need experience. To get experience, you might need to have gotten a certificate. And on and on.

Shoplift is easier than working to earn money to pay for what you want.

I’m keeping my off-topic post as simple as this, without delving into deep philosophy or extreme compare and contrast. However I really don’t think my mind can easily be changed. I don’t think anyone can tell me and convince me that being “evil” is harder than being “good.”

I can make up more and more reasons for that.

Isn’t it easier to whip up a drug and sell it to someone, than to become a law officer to take the drug off the streets, or a therapist to help that person sick on drugs to break their addiction or to be a doctor to help that sick person on drugs to detox or heal from their ordeal?

Sorry…but the answer is yes. It’s easier to get someone addicted to drugs, then it get someone to break that addiction.

I’m done here. I made my point. Evil is easy, and that’s why there’s more evil in this world than good.

It’s easier to chop down forests than to grow a forest.

It’s easier to slaughter an entire family than raise a family.

It’s easier to steal and kill for what you want, then to work and earn what you want.

It’s easier to break rules than to uphold them.

It’s easier to destroy someone’s dreams rather than help them achieve them.

So to anyone reading this, what are you using potential for? Are you using your potential to easily do evil…or are you using it to work hard at being good?

Yeah, this post had nothing to do with writing. I’ll try not to do too many off-topic on this blog, it’s for writing after all, and not ranting. But I had this on my heart, and I had to share it.

I really do think if more people put effort into using their potential for good, rather than wasting it on easily doing evil…well, maybe the world wouldn’t be burning right now.

I won’t start making suggestions on how to “fix” this. There’s nothing I can do to “fix” people choosing evil acts over good behavior. Making someone “think” is probably the only thing a post this vague can do. Changing someone’s entire life? Convincing someone to not kill and instead create? Helping someone decide to go to law school, and not deal drugs?

No. I have no power at that.

I simply wanted to get this off my chest, on my small-reaching writing blog.

Hope? Can I have any hope that maybe, just maybe someone will change their life around?

If only one single person decided to not easily commit “evil” acts and instead commit to “good” behavior…then I can have hope.

What about you, anyone reading this? Did you pause and think when you skimmed this post? Do you know of anyone who chooses the easy evil route everyday? Did you pat yourself on the back because you know you work on taking the hard-working good route with your life?

My next posts will be back again on the topics of writing, writing and more writing. Its writing I love more than anything else, and it’s what I want to talk about.

So, see you then.

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