On Writing: Words

A. E. here, and today’s “On Writing” advice post is about Words. You know, what you write down if you want to be a writer. And as a writer, you need to write a lot of words. However writers are individuals, and we don’t all write the same way nor do we all write at…

Read A Lot, Write a Lot

A. E. here. I ask you, why do you have to read to write well?  The answer is quick and easy: Reading teaches you how to write. That’s the most simple clear cut way of putting it. If you don’t have time to read, then you don’t have time to write. You know who said…

On Stories: “End”

A. E. here. Today is one of my “On Writing” posts, where I talk about certain subjects and topics that deal with writing and the writing life. Today, I want to talk about the ending of stories, or rather, the fact that stories NEED to end. Let’s pretend you’re on book twenty-five of a series….

Excuses Will Kill You and Your Dreams

This post is a long one so get ready. If you don’t feel like getting a sharp kick on the butt, don’t read this. If you know you NEED a kick in the butt, read on! Any of the below sound familiar? I’m busy. I’m tired. I don’t have any time. I need to relax…

On Words: Powerful or Powerless

A. E. here. I have a series on this blog I call “A. E. C. On Writing,” and its basically when I tackle a subject that deals with writing and writing life, and talk about it, maybe give advice or go on a rant, whichever it may be. Today I wanted to talk On Words….