I’m Back: Where I’ve Been

Hi! A. E. here. Its been so long, I know. So why haven’t I been updating, like…at all?

Well to start, I had surgery in April 2021 that gave me my life back. Since then, I’ve been enjoying life without constant pain. Maybe that’s another post someday.

I have a few more undisclosed health issues that I’m going through, but I won’t let those stop me from getting back on the horse with my blog and my writing career.

Here’s A. E.!

As for where I’ve been, I did lose motivation and ambition for several months. However I’ve been stirring my creative pot and churning up some creative juices. I’m starting to write again in earnest.

I’ll start slow and gather interest in my blog and author site. So for now, I’ve decided that I’ll post biweekly, or twice a month, rather than every Friday.

This post is very short but I’ll climb my way back and post more regularly.

I hope you all are willing to come along with me on my journey as a novelist, from a wannabe to a successful author!

And as always, while I write my cat Aomine keeps me company by my side.

Well I guess the laptop is Aomine’s now!

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  1. Joseph Messner says:

    Welcome back ! Glad surgery went well. Prayers for full recovery ! Start writing again !

    Sent from my iPad


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