The World Needs Stories: Why Stories Matter

Stories matter. Stories are as old as time. We’ve been telling stories before we knew how to write, and passed stories down through oral traditions. Telling stories is an innately human tradition, and there’s a reason why in all cultures all over the words humans tell each other stories. We tell stories all the time….

Inspired or Stealing: What’s the Difference

Let me tell you a story about a time I got inspired, but I didn’t steal due to that inspiration. I was watching a movie (2016 Sing Street) for my Studies in Young Adult Literature class. At the very end the young teenage couple are in a small boat running away from home together and…

The Truth About Procrastination

There are days when I can’t write. Nothing on the paper. Nothing on the computer. Blank space. What am I waiting for? What am I afraid of? What holds my fingers back from the keys and keeps my pen from the paper? Most people would probably say fear. Fear of failure. Fear that whatever I…

The Muse: Writing Life

I remember the first time I heard of a muse mentioned in relation to writing. I had no idea what this woman was talking about. A muse? A fantasy deity that inspires writing? And she only wrote when the muse visited her, and didn’t write unless she was inspired? What surprised me even more was…

A.E.C on Writing

Writing isn’t easy, and as a writer, I’d like to share some of the things I go through while writing, or my writing process, or any ideas I have about making writing easier. Just a writer talking about writing.