NaNoWriMo: Day 7

2019 NaNoWriMo Facebook Cover

It’s Day 7 of National Novel Writing Month and my overall progress looks like this:

7 progress graph

Not very awe-inspiring. And the fact that I have less than three thousand words when I should have around ten thousand by now brought me to the obvious conclusion that the story I’ve been working on for so long is the problem. I’m not in love with my story. It remains untitled, and Zak Pittman doesn’t have enough fuel to sustain me through NaNo.

So I decided to pick a new story to write. I have plenty stored up on my laptop and USB drives, ideas, folders, documents. I’ll pick something new out of those, and honestly start from the beginning. I’ll reset my deadlines, and give myself a fresh three months to complete a first draft.

I can admit that Zak Pittman isn’t happening right now, and National Novel Writing Month won’t work for me this year. But now I can eagerly find something else, something that’ll get my heart racing to write as fast as I can, that brings excitement to my computer desk, and not dread.

NaNo Writing Badge:

Day 7 writing badge

Seven days is as far as I got this year and that’s okay. Because I haven’t quit writing nor have I quit my goal to become a successful novelist. I only decided to stop writing what wasn’t working, and find something else to write, something that makes my heart race to tell this story.

And as always, my cat Aomine sits by my side and keeps me company.


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